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When you have a water leak, perhaps from a leaking pipe, give the plumbers at Leaking Pipe a call. In business for 72 years, the full service plumbers at Leaking Pipe have top-quality skills in leak detection, water leak repair, leaking pipe repair and various other plumbing services. Leaking Pipe offers prompt and professional leak detection and more to homes all over Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. These plumbers are armed with plumbing equipment that is the most technically advanced to detect and repair a water leak and leaking pipe within your home. When a water leak surfaces, the leaking pipe is not always in the same location, causing other plumbers to misdiagnose the particular location of the problem. Leaking Pipe Plumbers are more skilled at leak detection and get it right the first time. When you first detect a water leak from a leaking pipe, don’t trust leak detection to just anyone, give the plumbers you can trust a call at Leaking Pipe 800-729-8149 before it becomes a real problem.